VAVOULAS Company encompasses four generations of manufacturing elegant and comfortable footwear. The third generation – from 1959 and onwards – has evolved from a hand made to an organized production of luxurious and elegant women’s shoes. In the early 60s, aiming at a more enhanced customer relationship, the company opened its first retail store at Stoa Chatzichristou in Athens. The second store followed in Piraeus and in 1965 the third, at number 18 Ermou Street.

Today, VAVOULAS Company displays the products it manufactures in its elite production unit, in chain stores throughout Attica and in the largest cities of Greece, through franchising system and corner stores, while it exports limited collections in Cyprus and Switzerland.

Over the years and in defiance of the times, VAVOULAS Company remains a small family business with a restless passion for crafting shoes. Driven by a desire for research, always in touch not only with the latest international fashion trends, but also with the needs of the modern woman, our Company offers shoes of exceptional quality, outstanding craftsmanship, innovative design, contemporary functionality, and comfort; intended to accompany every woman in every activity of hers.

Taking a step further, VAVOULAS Company will soon offer you the option to shop online with convenient shipping and delivery services.